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Listen up girls, gays, and's time for The Thot Topic: a comedy podcast about surviving your twenties.

Navigating adulthood is like, SO hard...what's a young thot to do in times like these? Luckily, your thot therapist is here to help. Here at The Thot Topic, we discuss everything from the ideal first date to explaining the importance of pronouns to your grandma. While 2020 had been an actual disaster, we hope to survive these crazy times one thot-tip at a time.

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merch is live!

thot tale

hey thotties! we wanna hear from YOU! write your thottiest story, question, or tip by clicking the link to be featured on an episode!

ways to support

For starters, let me just thank you for making it to this point.

The Thot Topic has become such a passion project of mine that it wouldn't have been possible without the support of you and the other fellow thots. The past year has been such a dark time for us all, that doing this show weekly has been a release not only for myself--but for anyone looking to escape. Because I started this show from *actually* no where, it's been so exciting to challenge myself to constantly improve and evolve the show.

With that said, I figured the next best step in the process to is to kickstart our patreon. Once you subscribe to a certain tier, you'll have access to exclusive content, rewards, and more!

For more info click the button below, subscribe to a tier and get started today!


xo, your thot therapist


& never miss an episode again!


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