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The best way I can describe myself is "an actress on a mission, but an it-girl with ambition."


I enjoy being the life of the party, I am very active. I embody several characteristics of a Sagittarius (if you're into astrology...yktv). However, I am extremely meticulous and organized. I know when to play, and when to lock-in. Focus is my super power. I love being vulnerable, adventuring into the unknown. I'm always the last to leave the party, but the first one up in the morning ready to learn more. I'm comfortable asking questions, seeking help, and exploring every nuance of life.



In 2023, I worked as a supporting role in an independent feature (TBA), booked a beauty campaign with It Cosmetics, and was a model in the music video for Ex-Special by the popular reggaetone artists Jhayco and Peso Pluma


In 2024 thus far, I have booked one commercial for Opill, along with having at least one self-tape request/callback per week based on self-submission alone. I believe I am a very focused, disciplined artist who understands her value. 


When I am not on a contract, I often take On-Camera classes at Kimball Studio and Actors Connection. 

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