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The best way to describe myself, without trying to sound too cliche, is that I have allowed passion to shape my entire being and that it has completely formed my perspective and trajectory of life.

Growing up in a family of nine children, the biggest lesson I learned from my parents was discovering your "why." As I watched my parents sacrifice and struggle to raise us, I noticed they did everything with a smile and constantly reminding us "it's all about love." They taught us that when you truly have love in your heart, it motivates you past what you thought you were capable of.

Because of this, they encouraged me to pursue any dream of mine. As I became passionate about performing, I would run to my mom saying "Ok mom, I wanna take voice lessons" and would go into detail on how I would help her pay for it and how it would help my future. She'd smile and say "ok!" and we'd figure it out from there.

Eventually I received a BFA in Musical Theatre from Central Michigan University and moved to New York City. In my time in New York, I have discovered I truly have a passion for story-telling that isn't limited to just one facet. I began expanding my artistry through immersive theatre, film, modeling, and even podcasting. 

The biggest blessing I have received is need to be curious. To not only try everything, but to be delusional enough to believe I can succeed in anything that I do. Yes I am an actor, or whatever "hat" I'm wearing that day, but I think the bigger message I can send is inspiration that we are truly capable of whatever we desire. That it my ultimate dream, to inspire others to follow their passion and spread the message that has motivated me my whole life.

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